Letter to Editor: How the Government is Wasting Taxpayer Money

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-Courtesy photo

Dear Editor,

A long, long time ago, in a land known as America, cities created municipal departments to serve the essential needs of the community in the most efficient way. The Police Department, Fire Department, and yes…even the Water Department were municipal not-for-profit necessities operated by a local municipality to efficiently serve public interests, convenience and necessity.  We pay property taxes for the specific purpose of funding this essential local city and county infrastructure. Citizens using the services of these municipal departments pay a usage-sensitive charge directly reflecting their variable amount of the services provided.

Then along comes Sierra Madre, wanting usage-sensitive users of their municipal service to not only pay for what they use, but to now pay for the cost of operating the entire infrastructure of these local, necessary utilities. I suggest they take their fight to the county, which I suspect has robbed our property taxes to pay for human necessities that the State should be supporting.

My argument is undocumented, just like the State’s soaring expenses. After all, California taxpayers have had to pay a $7 billion annual increase in the operation of our state prisons…overcrowded by the 34 percent of the inmate population being criminals here illegally…and whom the Federal Government refuses to deport. Google it!


One who wishes to remain anonymous


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