Monrovia Boy Scout Asks for Readers’ Help

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Dear Editor of Monrovia Weekly,

I am a 7th-grade student at Clifton Middle School. I am also a Boy Scout with Troop 223. Do your readers know that inside Monrovia Canyon Park there is a fantastic Boy Scout facility called Camp Trask Scout Reservation? It is a pretty cool place with an old-fashioned fort and a swimming pool. I just earned my welding merit badge there. I was saddened to see when I got there that many of the windows on the main building are shattered and broken. Also, the water system is out of date and I had to bring in my own water to drink. Youth from all over come to camp here to get out of the city and be in nature. This special place needs your help. I was hoping the people and businesses in Monrovia could help raise some money to help out the Boy Scouts. I want the people who come to Camp Trask and Monrovia to leave feeling good about it and not sad that it is falling apart. If people want to donate they can go to and click on “$ Donate to Friends of Scouting” then select “Council Camps.” People can donate any amount and leave a donation message to make sure it goes to Camp Trask. I hope you will publish this letter and spread the word. Thank you for helping the Boy Scouts!


– Jagger Knittle



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