Reader Responds to ‘Circus Vargas – The Big One is Back in Arcadia.’

Image used for illustration purposes. – Courtesy photo

It truly warms my heart that Circus Vargas circus will soon be here to entertain us with their amazingly talented performers – but without wild animals.

What has taken so long, I wonder, to finally allow creatures from the wild to roam in their natural environment, rather than capturing and exploiting them for our entertainment?

Thanks to animal activists and those who support their cause, and yes to Circus Vargas, those magnificent creatures are free at last!  Free at last!

David Quintero



  1. actually they all died, they grew up in the circus were taken to a so called “sanctuary” in Tennessee where they all died within 2 years and not of old age.
    Animal activist groups like Peta an terrorist groups like ALF do not do anything for the actual welfare of animals and least of all protect the wild that they so desperately need. 35,000 elephants a year get culled in Africa to make room for humans. Peta, ALF, and the like are to make BIG money and profit. Greenpeace actually protects the animals.
    To support Peta is to support animal destruction and support extinction.


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