Reader Responds to ‘Pam Fitzpatrick Memorial Bench Set to Unveil March 8’

- Courtesy photo
– Courtesy photo

To me, one of the Bible’s most tragic passages is Exodus 1:18, which reads: “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, who knew not Joseph.”

No one will ever know of course, but I believe that if the new king had known about Joseph (the Hebrew who, centuries earlier, rescued Egypt from a seven-year famine), he would not have reigned as the oppressor of Hebrews but would instead have looked kindly upon them, since it was their ancestral kinsman who delivered Egypt from that calamity.
I have used this short introduction only to illustrate how sad it is to forget someone whose memory should remain in our hearts.

It gladdens me, therefore, that Monrovia has honored Pam Fitzpatrick with a memorial bench. Thus, unlike Joseph who was forgotten by the king of Egypt, our dear Pam Fitzpatrick will not be forgotten by the citizenry of Monrovia, the town which she loved so much.

– David Q.



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