Reader Responds to “Pasadena Planned Parenthood Starts Offering Syphilis Treatment” (Nov. 15 issue)

Image used for illustration purposes. - Courtesy photo
Image used for illustration purposes. – Courtesy photo

A 96 percent increase in early syphilis diagnoses since 2011 can only be described as a scandal of the highest magnitude.  That statistical tsunami clearly represents a lack of competent teaching.

No one can deny that our society has been programmed since its beginning to enforce a puritanical way of conduct.  But let’s face it – we’re now in the 21st century, and none of the enticements or exhortations we’ve tried to get young people to abstain from sex is working.

In my opinion, there are only three ways to prevent STI [sic] from spreading: education, education and education.
Let’s leave churches and parochial schools to teach (or not teach) about sex in any way they choose.  But a public school curriculum should include sex education with a realistic approach.

Parents who are fearful that their children will lose their innocence by learning about sex shouldn’t worry.  After all, isn’t it better that their offspring learn from a qualified teacher in a classroom, rather than from their peers who are also ignorant in that important subject?

-David Q.



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