Reader Responds to Transit Oriented Development

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One thing quite a number of people simply don’t understand is that this rail transit system will NOT make too many positive changes for the southland IN THIS GENERATION; however, it’s being constructed for a FUTURE possibility of more efficient high-density living situated along the rail lines, with centers of activity concentrated in the vicinity of station locations. It’s unfortunate that DECADES of automotive damage has taken its toll pertaining to humanity, even right down to the way certain people think! Those “addicted” to the automobile generally have this “ME! NOW!! MORE!!!” thought pattern; anyone and anything outside of that small space of that car of theirs, to them, such a world doesn’t exist, and the result is the behavior we’d all see in a Disney cartoon entitled: “Mr. Walker and Mr. Wheeler”, where an individual as a PEDESTRIAN is the “nicest person in the world”; however, as soon as he gets behind the wheel of a car, he immediately transforms into a person that NONE OF US really want to deal with!!

In southern California, unfortunately, excessive automotive use has led to an ENTIRE GENERATION of “Wheelers” even though they might NOT be behind the wheel of a car, and the replacement of rail transit to the southland can help change and correct that HORRIBLE negativity brought on by excessive automotive use!!!!

– Craig T.



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