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Letter to Editor: Local Resident Has a Humorous Time at Monrovia City Council

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Dear Editor,
I wanted to thank the Monrovia City Council for providing one of the most entertaining nights of comedy ever seen on public television. Watching these out-of-touch, myopic, over-the-Hill fuddy-duddies discuss cannabis is akin to asking Jed Clampett for his take on evening wear.
With a median age somewhere around infinity, the only thing hip about this crew is that they all need new ones. Instead of cowering behind perceived “slippery slopes”, why not embrace the state law and give the police chief the tools to enforce the statute? Your job is to interpret the laws, not rewrite them or ignore them altogether.
One or two retail stores does not an infestation make. And as far as the manufacturing of said products, you took the easy way out. It is better welcome and work with new industry than to turn your back on every entity that does not meet your moralistic views.
On the bright side, you could always pitch your meetings to Comedy Central. It’s always looking for new material.
-Dave Cater

October 27, 2017

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