Modern Mingling: Love At First Sight

Love at first sight is really just a myth. - Courtesy photo
Love at first sight is really just a myth. – Courtesy photo

Is this even possible?  

By Hedda Muskat

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you ask Romeo when he first laid eyes on Juliet, or Bella from Twilight when she first sees Edward, then they will tell you that love at first sight does exist. The distinction between this feeling of love vs. lust is quite different. Love embraces a broader range of emotions of instant, extreme and romantic feelings upon first meeting a stranger. This feeling is much deeper than the sexual arousal of lust. Love is a connection between two human beings on a more spiritual level as two complete strangers lock eyes.

Those you ask to try and explain this feeling usually simply say “I just knew”. You feel lost yet found, you feel energized yet drained, you feel powerful yet surrendered, you feel at home. But is this love? According to Psychology Today the answer is “no”. Love can not happen in an instant. The true feeling of love develops gradually over time. Love becomes deeper and more powerful as you spend more time with each other. Lust can fizzle out pretty quickly. Love can survive disagreements and fights. Lust won’t want to touch reality. Love makes you want to come back after such blow ups. Lust makes you run. Falling in love takes time. Those butterflies in your stomach, obsessive thoughts, and separation anxiety are just the beginnings of true love. Sorry to burst the bubble of those who romanticize the notion of love at first sight because it’s really just a myth. Great partnerships need to be nurtured with a sincere passion and longing to want to be with this person.  Love is a mental state that will need no explanation as to how complete strangers have this organic chemistry that just happened. That’s because with genuine love you will just know.

Hedda Muskat is the author of The Dating Mystique based on her days as a writer on the TV Show “Love Connection”.


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