Outdoor Dining and Social Media Dilemma

We recently published an opinion piece by the distinguished author, Phil N. Space. The reaction to the author’s opines was considerably greater than anticipated…some in strong support of the author’s conclusion and others simply in shock that anyone would dare publish such “dribble,” among other choice comments too risqué for a family newspaper.

We apparently struck a nerve when attempting to understand the policy against outdoor dining in connection to COVID-19 and Facebook’s influence on the general public.

The aforesaid OPINION piece “Monrovia Woman Bites the hand that feeds Her” was an opinion of the author and not of the staff or management of Monrovia Weekly. The author’s opinion has since been deleted from the website.


  1. Wow, I thought we lived in the land of the free and the brave???? You deleted the op-ed, “Monrovia Woman Bites the hand that feeds Her”???? Even if I disagreed with the story, I would have at least liked the opportunity to read the story that caused such a stir! Apparently the Author, Terry Miller did his job well if the op-ed piece he wrote caused people to write in about it good or bad and his employer rips it down and makes a DISTINCT line between them.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! Very well written opinion piece Terry Miller! I’m disgusted that your employer saw fit to remove the article. Isn’t the point of proper writing to evoke feelings both good and bad? I thought it was well-written highlighting the very real reality so many of our local restaurants are facing. Everyone has been impacted by the shutdowns and will continue to be for years to come.

    • Thank you, Clair. It was removed at the request of the author, not the management. It still is on the author’s facebook page for all to read and inwardly digest. Again thanks for your thoughts.

  3. The snapshot of the article that was captured by the Way Back Machine:


    … has two `By` lines: one, as you say, suggests that the article was written by one “Phil N. Space”, while the other suggests that the article was written by the author of *this* post, Terry Miller.

    Referring to your pseudonym as “distinguished” is a strange experiment in narcissism.

  4. It was an excellent piece and it highlighted the very real and sad side the reality of restaurants and small businesses that we will not see in the future for many years because of shutdowns and the economic devastation they have left both for the employer and unemployed. The other side of reality it highlighted was the very”anti-social” social media. We live in an age where one can post negative things on facebook about establishments during these tough times and take them down with a post or a phone call for trying to survive period let alone during the Christmas season. This woman deserved to know that her act was the cause of this and that she did literally bite the hand that feeds you. The virus is indeed real but so is the reality that we have never faced an economic shut downs to the restaurant industry with the lack of scientific evidence that the virus is being spread dining any more than your local grocery store or gas pump, ATM ect…
    Grocery stores are no longer frantically wiping down pads or carts and baskets! With that being said I don’t know anyone who wants to lose a loved one to the virus but I can personally tell you that the media and social media panic and closures that have destroyed businesses that do not have the 99% plus survival rate that the virus does have impacted more lives than the virus with a mortality rate of less than 1%. For every one of these restaurants there are how may lives impacted??? The right to work and freedom of speech is being taken away daily. I am one of those people impacted and now face finding a job during restaurant closures and unemployment at $148 ($127 after taxes) a week is not the answer. One can’t survive on that. I want/need to work.
    Some of us do not have the ability to work from home.
    Citizens supporting their community restaurants and selfish people shutting them down with social media and health department calls is not “dribble” to highlight that in a family paper should evoke feelings. The woman who did that should know what her actions caused. I wonder if she picked up her take out in a car? Someone should let her and every other fear monger that statistics are not as favorable in an auto accidents think about that next time you get in a car.
    Thank you Terry for sharing it here as brief as it was it more than was necessary to be said.

  5. I am surprised such a distinguished author does not know that “opine” is a verb not a noun. An author, whether distinguished or lacking in distinction, typically “opines” in an OpEd piece but, when writing about what the author opined about, this would be referred to as “the author’s opinions.” Perhaps this, too, was parody?


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