Small world! “The Never-cashed $2 bill”

To the Editor:

Small world! A couple of weeks ago, you published my column, “The Never-cashed $2 Bill.” It described why my friend in my small Wisconsin hometown didn’t cash the $2 checks his parents gave him for his birthday and Christmas gifts during the Depression’s ’30s. When Bill received the clipping I’d sent him of the story and his photo with the checks (which he still treasures as reminders of earlier days) he had a story for me. A Pasadena man chanced to see the column, recognized Bill since they were both from the same town, phoned a cousin in Colorado who is one of Bill’s in-laws, who then phoned Bill to tell him what he’d heard.

You never know! Small world indeed!

But remember-you read it in your local Weekly first!

Fran Syverson


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