Tauck Small Group Journeys Offer Big Experiences and Then Some

Puglia, Italy. – Courtesy photo

Something special happens when you travel with a small group of just 24 like-minded travelers — lasting friendships and a deeper level of camaraderie are just the beginning. Guided, small-group trips allow more time to discover each destination up close with the freedom to dive deeper into places visited. Here are some reasons why this type of travel may be for you.

1. Experience deeper connections while you travel

Connecting with local experts only adds to the excitement of discovering new places. Think chefs who work alongside you to prepare a farm-to-table specialty, tracking wildlife on an African safari with highly trained naturalist guides, Egyptologists who provide deep insights into the storied pyramids of Giza and more.

2. Dream Makers with experience

Passionate Tauck directors are wild about travel, fun to be with, and have the ultimate goal of making vacation dreams come true. Averaging 10 years of service, they come from 35 countries and collectively speak 46 languages. They take care of every detail along the way while working together with local professionals guiding daily experiences with thoughtful service and a high level of personalization.

3. An authentic sense of place only adds to the experience

Nothing is better than spending your leisure time in the heart of the destination so you can get a wonderfully authentic sense of place while staying in iconic properties that reflect the best of the region, from an architectural masterpiece in a Spanish vineyard to an Imperial Palace in Vienna, you’ll rest and luxuriate in the experience while getting a taste of local life.

4. Take a closer look at each destination

Unique encounters and exclusive experiences become even more rewarding when experienced with just 24 people like visiting the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel or St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice after the crowds have left for the day or dining with a baron at a private Normandy château. Memorable moments like these will remain with you long after you’ve returned home making you dream of where your next small-group journey will take you!


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