5 Reasons Why To Attend Football Clinics

Football Clinics help youth grow. –Courtesy photo
Football Clinics help youth grow. –Courtesy photo

By Fredy Ramirez

Football clinics are growing rapidly throughout the country. With recent lawsuits, the National Football League invested millions across the country to help football clinics. But what are these clinics? Essentially, they build the foundation for young football players so they may avoid injury. These clinics are more than foundation builders and more children should be attending these clinics. Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking your children and grandchildren to football clinics.

The youth will learn the fundamentals of the game. Football clinics are hosted by former and current NFL and College coaches and players. These coaches and players instruct the youth and teach them how to catch, throw, and run with the ball among many other things. The children will rarely receive a similar opportunity to be trained by talented coaches and players.

The clinics run multiple agility drills to help the youth improve. This is valuable knowledge that the coaches and players have spent careers learning. Through these skills, youth football players can improve their overall speed and quickness.

Physical Activity
With obesity rates going up, encouraging physical activity can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Most of the time, these clinics are designed to encourage physical activity while hiding the fact that the youth are exercising. The coaches and players keep the youth entertained.

These clinics are fun to attend. For starters, there are other children to play with there. Also, the children have the opportunity to meet coaches and players that may be on their favorite sports teams. Next, all of the drills are meant to keep them enthralled with what they are doing. Finally, they feed you after it’s all said and done.

Staying Out of Trouble
The most important aspect of these football clinics may be the fact that they encourage youth to stay out of trouble.

“They teach life lessons and emphasize keeping kids out of trouble.” said La Salle Head Football Coach Russell Gordon.

For some of these youth, sports are their ticket out of the horrible situation they are in. Encouraging them to stay in organized sports can change the trajectory of their lives. For others, it can keep them on the right path. Not to mention that they learn how to function in a group setting.

Fundamentals and agility help improve the football talent of the children participating. Having fun is what sports is all about. If the child isn’t having fun, then they don’t enjoy playing the sport. Physical activity and staying out of trouble are directly related to the well-being of the youth. These are a few reasons out of many others why youth should attend football clinics.


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