American Football League Star Keith Lincoln was Once a Monrovia Wildcat

Keith Lincoln starred for the San Diego Chargers of the AFL- Courtesy Photo / Dr. Penfield (CC by 3.0)
Keith Lincoln started for the San Diego Chargers of the AFL – Courtesy photo / Dr. Penfield (CC by 3.0)

By Spencer Stueve

Keith Lincoln, “The Monrovia Meteor,” the “Moose of the Palouse,” an American Football League star and college football coach, and once a Monrovia Wildcat. Though his playing days are long behind him, his legacy as a Wildcat should not be forgotten.

In 1953, Keith Lincoln entered Monrovia High School as a freshman. Though born in Reading, Michigan, Lincoln made his name in California, and he did so by starring for the Monrovia Wildcats. As a high schooler, he was like most stars, he did almost everything for his team. He was a star Quarterback, he played defense, and he was even a punter and kicker. In high school, he earned the nickname “The Monrovia Meteor” because of his great speed and play making ability with the ball in his hands.

Lincoln would earn an athletic scholarship to Washington State University, and his fame was just beginning to grow. Now nicknamed the “Moose of the Palouse,” he was a star for the Cougars. In 1959, he was named a First Team All-American, and 20 years later, he was inducted into the Washington State Athletics Hall of Fame.

Pretty good for a Monrovia Wildcat, right? Well, he wasn’t even close to done.

Lincoln would be drafted 61st overall by the Chicago Bears in the NFL Draft, but that’s not where he would continue his career. After being drafted 15th overall by the San Diego Chargers in the AFL, he decided it was time to go back to California. With the Chargers, Lincoln was a star. In just his 2nd year, 1962, he was named an AFL All-Star, an honor he would earn four more times. Lincoln would spend seven of his nine professional seasons with the Chargers. He would later be elected to the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame, as well as the 40th and 50th anniversary teams.

Lincoln would have a brief coaching career, and has since returned to Pullman, Washington where he currently lives. Lincoln was one of the greatest players in AFL history, and he was once a Monrovia Wildcat.


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