Monrovia Cheer Gets Into Formation For New Season

Monrovia cheer has a new head coach. – Courtesy photo

By Aaron Valdez

On the surface, the sport of cheerleading can seem pretty straightforward as the cheerleaders perform routines to pump up the crowd and motivate their teams from the sidelines.

However, once you take a look behind the scenes, you’ll quickly notice that cheerleading is as grueling as any other sport and Monrovia’s newly hired Head Coach Candice Hicks is ready to tackle the new season with the rest of the Wildcats.

“Cheerleading is challenging athletically and emotionally and physically and just all around,” Hicks said. “There’s an adrenaline that you get right before you walk on stage and it’s in that moment nothing else matters.”

Hicks and her squad have spent a lot of time preparing for the season, training at least two hours a day, sharpening their skills and rearranging routines. Hicks’ main goal this season is to not only qualified for USA Nationals – one of most prestigious competitions for high school cheer – but finish within the Top 5.

And while Monrovia does have a long road ahead of them, Hicks believes her team can accomplish anything as long as they remain patient and focus on their goals.

“The key to success this season is trust,” Hicks said. “Trust the process, trust the journey and don’t try to fight it.”

August 8, 2018

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