State Releases Youth Sports Guidance

Courtesy photo by Alyssa Ledesma on Unsplash

The California Department of Public Health released guidance for youth sports activities to re-open including school-based, club and recreational programs. The guidance document may be found here.

Youth sports and physical education are permitted only outdoors, and tournaments, events and competitions are not allowed. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained at all times and for sports that require closer contact, only conditioning and skill building is permitted. Youth sports must also maintain a stable cohort of participants. Masks are not required when outside engaging in activities that require physical exertion. Adult, amateur team sports are not permitted at this time.

Youth sports leagues must ensure that they meet the proper safety protocols as outlined in the guidelines which include proper cleaning, disinfection, and physical distancing. 

Youth sports organizations will be required to train all staff and on how to follow safety procedures, including enhanced sanitation practices and provide information to families regarding safety guidance and requirements.


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