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Career Corner: Let Go of Your Fear and Find Yourself

By Angela Copeland As we approach the New Year, there’s a lot of talk about setting goals. They may be related to career, family, fitness...

Career Corner: Holiday Party Time

By Angela Copeland It’s party time! Chances are you may have a holiday party coming up for work or with friends that you just can’t...

Career Corner: More Work Means a Fair Process

By Angela Copeland Have you ever had to do extra work in a job interview? One of my most intense interviews ever was at Target....

Career Corner: The Interview Feedback Loop

By Angela Copeland I’ve been talking to a number of job seekers lately about illegal interview questions. They keep coming up, and I keep asking...

Career Corner: Interviewing is Not Hazing

By Angela Copeland When I was in college, I never joined a sorority. But, like you, I’ve heard some of the horror stories about what...

Career Corner: What Salad Dressing Best Emulates Your Life Philosophy?

By Angela Copeland When it comes to job interviews, I’ve seen it all. Most interviews come in a fairly straight forward format. You do a...

Career Corner: LinkedIn Focuses on Employee Engagement

By Angela Copeland I recently had the opportunity to attend LinkedIn’s annual human resources event: Talent Connect. Held in Anaheim, California, the event showcased everything...

Career Corner: Why Job Seekers Walk Away

By Angela Copeland If you’re a hiring manager, there’s a good chance you’re finding it harder to hire this year than one year ago. The...

Career Corner: Pick a Number, Any Number

By Angela Copeland Sometimes, you want to feel like your work means something. You want to feel like a person who is performing a craft....

Career Corner: The Reality of Being Underpaid

By Angela Copeland Have you ever had someone tell you that it’s a good idea to get your foot in the door at a company?...




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