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Monrovia Community Welcomes New City Manager, Dylan Feik

By Terry Miller Dylan Feik was on hand Wednesday, with his wife and three children, to get to know the community...

Meet Monrovia’s New City Manager, Dylan Feik

By Susan Motander Monrovia’s new city manager, Dylan Feik, (it is pronounced to rhyme with seek) was raised in the...

Council Unanimously Selects New City Manager

Dylan Feik will be relocating to Monrovia with his wife, Kira, and three children, Gabe, Benson, and Eden. - Courtesy photo

Update on Search for New Monrovia City Manager

Since learning that City Manager Oliver Chi accepted to be the next city manager for the City of Huntington Beach, the City Council has...

The Search for Monrovia’s New City Manager Has Begun

By Susan Motander With the news last week that the City of Huntington Beach had offered Monrovia’s City Manager, Oliver Chi, the job in their...

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