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Remembering Monrovia’s Louis García on Veterans Day

By Félix Gutiérrez Collage of Prvt. García’s tomb, photograph and a postcard. – Courtesy photo / Félix Gutiérrez

Monrovian Superstar, Architect Robert Kennard

By Susie Ling In 1986, Robert Kennard was inducted into the prestigious AIA College of Fellows for excellence in the field of architecture. Established in...

Monrovia Car Wash Assistant Manager Rescues Kitten from Customer’s Engine

By Terry Miller Everyone knows cats absolutely abhor water, but recently a little kitten, who just happened to be going home from a trip to...

Communal Motivation: Arcadia Doctor’s Passion is Her Fuel for Motivation

Part 2: Helping and serving others is a source of happiness In my opinion, the best example of an entity that is constantly motivated is...

Racism Rears Its Ignorant Head in Monrovia Monday Morning

Editor’s note: The following is a first person account of a sad but commonplace misconception in our troubled world. The incident took place the...

Summer in Town: Friday’s Family Fair

By Susie Ling Before August of 1992, Monrovia did not have a weekly Family Festival on Myrtle! A generation later, Friday Fair is part of...

Summer in Town: Fonzo and Old Town Bistro in Monrovia

By Susie Ling Monrovia Trivia Question: Who is Fonzo? Well, of course Fonzo is the life-size chef statue in front of Old Town Bistro on...

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