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Ways to Destress Using Yoga for Beginners

By Joselin Hernandez As we ring in the new year, fitness goals are set forgetting stress management is just as important in achieving a healthier...

Community is Key at Copper Moose Fitness

By Emily G. Peters Copper Moose Fitness has positioned itself as Pasadena’s “Family Gym,” with a pretty refreshing philosophy to match. According to its owners,...

3 factors that ruin your chances of getting in shape

By Yajen Tan So you’ve started thinking about getting in shape again. The first thing that crossed your mind - I need to start working...

5 Tips To Combat Stress-Related Weight Gain

By Yajen Tan Stress sucks, but you most likely know that from the countless reminders that you get throughout the day. Whether your stress coming...

Diet challenges can be far from healthy

By Yajen Tan Shortly after a training session last week, a man came up to me with a diet question. He was two weeks into...

5 Tips to a Fit and Healthy 2017

  The Family That Works Out Together A new year has begun: a whole new year with so many possibilities. What are your resolutions, your goals?...

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