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Reader Responds to “Do All Sierra Madre Dogs Go to Heaven?”

Surely there is no one better qualified than the revered St. Francis of Assisi as the ideal model for animal lovers. And I too include...

Reader Responds to “Muslim Woman Thanks Monrovia Officers…”

How uplifting it is to read Esma Ali’s words of praise for Monrovia’s police officers in handling what could have been a humiliating incident...

Reader Responds to ‘Dia de la Independencia Mexicana’

Mexicans, like Americans, come in different colors and despite their pigmentation are proud to be Mexican. Yes, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Caucasian priest...

Reader Responds to “Did You Know a Mattress…”

Thanks to you, I now understand why my mattress has gotten so heavy and why the bed feels so crowded! Frankly, I thought it was...

Reader Responds to “Local Doctor and Musician…”

How very sad that Dr. Adam Kendall will no longer grace Old Town Monrovia’s weekly street festival with his  presence. Every Friday night, without fail and no...

The NFL’s Anthem Policy is Pure Hypocrisy

Dear Editor: The NFL’s new “anthem policy” requires players to “respect” the flag and the national anthem or stay in the locker room until it...

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