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The Timing Was Perfect: Memorial Day 2019 in Monrovia

By Susan Motander Every year (weather permitting) the Condor Squadron executes a flyover during the Allied Veterans’ Memorial Day services at Live Oak Memorial Park. This...

The Nation’s Killed in Action Honored This Memorial Day

By Dr. Edward C. Ortell Citrus College Governing Board Member It’s difficult to imagine the impact on a family when they lose a loved one in...

Memorial Day and the American Disconnect

By U. S. Army Chaplain and PhD Nathan Graeser One year ago, I sat in a large field on Camp Bondsteel in what used to...

Memorial Day Poppies Available at Monrovia Public Library

Event at Live Oak Memorial Park, May 27 Memorial Day Poppies are now available at the Monrovia Library’s Circulation Desk along with a donation box...

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